Red Redrich KD FIREFLY 121A

Dam: Red Redrich KD Firefly 151U
Sire: Red Wilbar Longitude 646Y

Game Face Daughter BAIL 128D


Red Ter-Ron DUCHESS 531T

Dam: Red Ter-Ron DUCHESS 431R
Sire: Red Brylor PANAMA 69P

Longitude Daughter RRF 131A
owned by Brylor Ranch


Red Redrich KD FIREFLY 151U

Dam: Red Cockburn FIREFLY 110S
Sire: Red Ter-ron INNOVATOR 310R


Red Ter-Ron BOBBI 93S

Dam: Red Ter-Ron BOBBI 093N
Sire: Red Ter-Ron OLYMPIAN 822P

"Big Mac" daughter
Owned by Six Mile Ranch

Red Redrich PLATINUM 4P

Dam: Red Redrich MOJO 3M
Sire: Red Milk Creek CUB 722


Dam: Red YY URISAL 209M
Sire: Red Crowfoot OLE'S OSCAR 2042M

Red Redrich Sizzler 609Z

S: Red Redrich Glory Road 248X
Owned with Doug and Kathy Standings
Retained as Herd Sire

Red Ter-Ron ALICE 71T

Dam: Red Ter-Ron ALICE 71P
Sire: Red Howe MR. MATRIX 7L

Red Redrich CHEROKEE 248U

Dam: Red Cripps CHEROKEE 247M
Sire: Red Ter-ron INNOVATOR 310R

Supreme Champion Red Angus Female also this one-(son) Red Redrich GLORY ROAD 248X

Red Ter-Ron MAGGIE 770T

Dam: Red Double C MAGGIE 770M
Sire: Red U-2 BIG LEAGUE 544R

Longitude son Owned by Prairie Hall Farms Longitude daughter Owned by Anchor 1 Angus  



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